adventure activities

Oakridge provides Adventure Activities for the ultimate camp experience. Oakridge Staff must supervise these activities, since they are potentially high-risk. These activities can be added to your group's event, or they can even be booked for private parties!

Go Karts

Oakridge Go-Karts are great fun for the whole family. Guests must be 10 years old or older to drive, but even the littlest guests can ride along! (Of course, they'll need to wear a helmet!)

$10 per person for six laps
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It's survival of the fittest with our paintball! We provide guns, ammo, and outfits to wear over your clothes for this intense activity. Groups can play in Oakridge's huge field or on the cliffs behind the Main Camp. Up to 45 people can play at one time!

$25 per person
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Laser tag

Maybe you've played laser tag before, but probably never like this! While other places keep the players inside, Oakridge's guns allow the game to be played outside across the grounds. Groups can be separated into teams or it can be an all-out "every man for himself" game. To make things even more awesome, it's played at night! Up to 28 people can play at one time!

$10 per person per half-hour
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rappelling at red rock canyon (OFF-SITE)

It's just a 45-minute ride to Red Rock Canyon and you'll spend the afternoon rappelling! Get harnessed up, grab your ropes, and start jumping from the cliffs!

$250 for 4 hour experience
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arrow tag

The chance to whiff your best friend in the back with an arrow is finally here! Strap on your headgear and be prepared to draw back and let your arrow strike true. But don't worry; these arrows are tipped with a soft foam ball on the end for maximum protection! Up to 16 players get to battle it out in each half-hour round!

$10 per person per half-hour



goliath high-ropes challenge course

It's time to face your giants! Introducing Goliath, Oklahoma's latest and greatest Challenge Course! Over 50 feet high, with just as many unique elements, Goliath is the perfect adventure for youth, adults, and the whole family! With dozens of options to fit your specific needs, the Goliath team is always ready to help you face — and conquer — your giants. Register today!

Various pricing options. $15 - $35 per person.
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