"When I came here in 2013 I was a different person..."

When I came here to work back in 2013 I was such a different person, but through your friendship and guidance I have grown into the woman I am today. You all taught me how to work hard and serve the Lord with your whole life and I am so blessed to know you all! Not to mention without coming here I never would have met my husband! ...We truly believe in the work you do to show kids, teens, and adults alike the love and power of God’s calling on our lives.

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From Long-Time Friends

Brian & Beth, thank you for a wonderful, restful, and spiritually renewing experience at Oakridge. Your hospitality was superlative. God bless y'all and the family and staff richly.  Thank you all for letting us share your "little piece of heaven." We enjoyed it thoroughly and hope to come back before another 15 years!

-Tom & Rebecca, friends of the Ball family

From a Summer Staffer

My summer at Oakridge was so much more than I expected. I gained new friendships and experiences that I wouldn't have otherwise. I am very thankful for the experience and for the opportunity to grow in so many areas - from scrubbing showers to leadership and maturing spiritually. It wasn't always easy, but it was definitely worth it. Serving at Oakridge has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

Jessica P., longtime friend and summer staffer

A Blast from the Past

This is a letter written by Natalie Ball, one of our full-time staff here at Oakridge. This letter was written way back in 2012, before she ever knew she would marry Joshua and become a lifelong member of the Oakridge family!

I came to Oakridge last year (2011) as a camper and I remember loving this place so much and saying that I wanted to live here. I had no idea that I actually would get to live here for the whole next summer as staff. I really feel like it was God's plan for me to be here this summer because without it being the will of God, I probably wouldn't have made it here.

Working here at Oakridge has been amazing! It has been an experience that I will never forget and it has truly changed my life for the better and brought me a lot closer to God. I am so thankful to have been able to work here. Whether it was running riflery for 4 hours in 110 degrees, to scrubbing out leaky showers, to butchering chickens, to serving food, I love it all. My coworkers are amazing and have become my best friends and Oakridge is like my second home.

There is no place else I would have rather spent my summer.

From a Summer Staff Member

Ever since I came to Oakridge 5-6 years ago, I ALWAYS wanted to join the fun-loving and joyful staff; finally after praying and working up the courage, I volunteered here. As much as I love being a camper and being SERVED, being the SERVER, working the Lord and bonding with these people has been an amazing experience, better than I'd imagined.

-Breanna G., summer camper, volunteer, and staffer

From a Children's Group Leader

"I have been talking non-stop about your camp, the servant leadership, and the great Word preached there, and I was missing the place...Children's hearts were changed, and I know that it is only the sprouting of the seed; what mighty trees we shall see in time! Surely blessings are coming the way of Oakridge Christian Camp, because the Word, work, and worship for His Glory passionately goes forth from that place." - Stacy

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From a Volunteer

I sure want to thank you so much for allowing Jessiah and I to come to Oakridge and work for the week. We enjoyed every minute of it. I love it there! You have such a special ministry going. What a beautiful setting it was to work alongside really good Christian people who are serving the Lord with all of their heart, soul, and mind!

Your family is so special - each one. It's so spectacular to see your family work together - what a tremendous blessing you are to so many others, us included. Thanks for the beautiful accommodations  and great meals - love you all!

-Lucia, a volunteer

"Thank you for following your calling..."

Pastor Brian, 

Thank you for following your calling and blessing Anadarko with Oakridge Christian Camp. Like Jaime, your energy and spirit radiates from you! Thank you for your kindness and love with my son. He told me, "Pastor Brian is the bomb!" I agree! Thank you and God bless,

Ofelia D., a local from Anadarko

Notes from Kids Campers

Dear Staff, thank you for serving us. You guys do a really great job! Thank you so much! -Kylee


Thank you for serving us and thank you for letting us stay for a little bit! Thank you! -Justin


We all had a great time. We really experienced love. So we all say thanks for it all; it was awesome! -Tiffany


Dear Staff, thank you for cleaning our dorm. -Brookelynn

"I work in a hotel and guest-service environment..."

My husband and I were truly surprised at the service we received here. You and your staff excelled beyond the expectations we arrived with. I work in a hotel and guest-service environment, and was pleased to see your staff showed the same amount of care and professionalism I see at my job. Thank you for also making this time special for us before he deploys. Please let everyone know of our wonderful experience! May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

-William & Donna B.

A Letter from a Mission Group in NC

It was a long way, but worth every mile! It was such a joy to work and share with such loving, sacrificing, dedicated people. It was truly a week I'll never forget and thanks for the privilege and opportunity to serve alongside you. May God bless your every effort this summer as your minister at Oakridge. Love to all, Kay D.

A Letter from a Youth Group


Thank you for an awesome week. We did a lot of things that we never imagined ourselves doing. Examples: climbing a wall, paintball, go-carts, associating with the camp's staff (like actually talking and spending quality time with them), archery, human foosball, etc... And getting to know God better. Thanks to all of you, most of us can now say they have more faith than before and understand a lot more. 

Brian, your preaching made a lot of sense and helped some of us WAKE UP and get straight with our lives so thanks a whole lot! We hope we get to come here next summer and be back and active again!

We want to say thank you to you all, thank you for helping us do what we feared, and thank you for helping us learn to trust each other. We ask for God to bless you this summer. Thank you for showing us God.

"On Behalf of our Church, I'd like to Thank You..."

Brian & Oakridge Staff,

On behalf of our church, I'd like to thank you and commend you for the wonderful time we experienced at Oakridge Camp. One of our youth accepted Christ as her Savior, and five others were assured of their salvation. The worship services and preaching are very inspiring. I greatly appreciate the idea of centering the entire spiritual experience around a single book of the Bible. During our free time, we met as a group and read Philippians together, and it was such a joy to see kids excitedly participating in answering questions from their study sheets.

The activities were a blast, and I have absolutely no complaints about anything except the heat (and even that didn't dampen the enthusiasm!). We had absolutely no one attempt to use the weather as an excuse for not participating. The track of activities pushed our youth out of their comfortable boxes and forced them to stretch their confidence. Progress was viewed in the lives of those who one day were in absolute panic as they rappelled the 80-foot cliff and the next day conquered the high-ropes challenge course without hesitation. One of our "sassiest" kids exhibited an attitude of respect and maturity during camp that we had not seen before, and so far that attitude has continued at home.

The question asked by everyone (as early as the second day of camp!) was, "Are we coming back here next year?" My response was, "Yes, and we'll do the children's camp also!" May God bless the ministry of Oakridge!

-Pastor David

Notes from Campers

Thank you for all you have done. I am so thankful your teachings. I have been so influenced since yesterday. Please teach me more! Thank you. -Rachel C.

You're the best! Thank you for making me a believer! I used to be confused about God and His purpose. You're God's Word carrier! You and this camp has changed me so much! I hope other kids get influenced on God's Word like you did to me! You are great! I have had fun and learned about the Holy Lord. This camp made a big difference in my life. I will thank God you came into my life! You have blessed my life! Thank you soooooo much. -Kacy S.

You Guys do a Great Job...

I just wanted to tell you all thanks so much! You guys do a great job making sure we are comfortable and happy. The food is wonderful and the grounds are very well kept. And perhaps most importantly, the staff is always happy, polite, and sweet!! You help making coming to camp a very enjoyable experience. -Julie B.

From Summer Campers

Oakridge Staff! We had an AWESOME time! Your staff was so very kind and sweet. Thanks for putting up with us! -Brianna H.

Thank you guys so much for everything! We had an amazing time and you guys helped us to keep it that way. Thanks again! -Jaden B.

From a Pastor Friend of Camp

This is the comment card left by our friend Pastor Jonathan the first time he ever stayed at Oakridge back in 2011!

Thank you for your care of our family this weekend. It was truly a breath of fresh air! The rooms were just right for our family. Wonderful hospitality! -Jonathan & Lisa H.