A Letter from a Youth Group


Thank you for an awesome week. We did a lot of things that we never imagined ourselves doing. Examples: climbing a wall, paintball, go-carts, associating with the camp's staff (like actually talking and spending quality time with them), archery, human foosball, etc... And getting to know God better. Thanks to all of you, most of us can now say they have more faith than before and understand a lot more. 

Brian, your preaching made a lot of sense and helped some of us WAKE UP and get straight with our lives so thanks a whole lot! We hope we get to come here next summer and be back and active again!

We want to say thank you to you all, thank you for helping us do what we feared, and thank you for helping us learn to trust each other. We ask for God to bless you this summer. Thank you for showing us God.