2019 Memorization Scholarship

Each summer we are pleased to offer a scholarship for campers and counselors who memorize a large portion of the book or topic we are studying

This summer our theme is THE LIFE OF MOSES. We will be focusing on how God called Moses out in so many ways to lead and obey His commands.


The memorization passages for this year are below:


Exodus 20:1-21 - $50 camp credit


Exodus 20:1-21 as well as Deuteronomy 6 - $100 camp credit


We hope this opportunity blesses campers who invest their time in memorizing God’s word. The BIGGEST blessing is having God’s word in our hearts!


Rules:  Passages can be quoted to an Oakridge staff member in person (no later than the first day of camp) or over Skype, and must be all in one setting.  Must be able to quote the chapter with only three prompts or errors.  If you try once and have trouble, you can try one more time later that day. Translation options to receive the scholarship include KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, ASV.


Our year-round staff will be memorizing these passages too! As you memorize, remember to keep reviewing what you have previously learned so it will be easier to quote as a whole!

From Campers to Full Time Staff: K & B

As we get ready for another year of summer camp, we wanted to share more Oakridge testimonials with you! Kellen Redder and Breanna Geiger both served on summer staff with us in 2018 (Breanna many years previously), and have been serving at Oakridge ever since. They are amazing young adults with fun attitudes, and they both prioritize community and fellowship. We appreciate their service so much. You can read Kellen's and Breanna’s thoughts about camp & enjoy a few photos of them as campers and as staffers below!


                Kellen: My experience here at Oakridge has been one to remember. I started coming to Oakridge when I was a little kid visiting with my church for summer camp. The time being here on camp made an impact on my life -  I was getting to spent time learning more about God, while still having fun doing some of the activities here with my friends. As I knew I was getting too old to come out here as a camper I started volunteering and helping around the camp for a week.


                As I got a feel for what camp life was like and what it takes to work here, I decided I would come back later and work as summer staff. The staff here at Oakridge are so welcoming, and they make you feel so at home interacting with you and making you feel like a part of the team. The friends I have made here working at the camp will be friends I will know for a lifetime, as I got to meet so many amazing people here. After summer was coming to an end, I decided to stay out here longer and became an intern for a year, and I am so glad I have stayed out here because I am able to do what God has wanted me to do.


                Breanna: Oakridge has always been a place that affects me. I have been coming back 11 or 12 years now, and it still means just as much to me as an adult as it did when I was a kid. When I was in the 6th grade, my church decided to try a new summer camp after going to the same one for years and years – this obviously concerned my 12-year-old mind. But, after spending 5 days here learning and worshipping with my friends at this new place, with staffers that made us feel so cool and special, my little world felt like it was changing. I HAD to be a staffer at this place. Now here I am, 24 years old, and I live with the girl on the stage who I thought was so awesome - and get to work for a boss who has been teaching me for half of my life.


                Working at this camp has done so much for me as a kid, and even more as an adult. I loved the contrast that this place had to other camps I had experienced – how much more intimate it felt and how everyone that worked here seemed to love each other and the campers so much. Now, I can attest to the truth behind that impression that we give campers. It is so easy to love the people you work with, the job that you do every day, and the opportunity to serve campers and make them feel like they matter when you are surrounded by people who are imitating Christ. I have been nothing short of blessed with everything Oakridge has given to me. 


Please join us in prayer that God would send the right people to work at Oakridge this year! Jesus-loving, servant minded leaders are so needed at camp – during summer AND all year!