Oakridge Food service


When it comes to meals, other camps simply can't compare to Oakridge! Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner is home-cooked by our expert kitchen staff. It would be our pleasure to serve you and your group! If you choose our food service, you will be served out of our Main Camp Dining Hall.

Meal Costs Per Person:

  • Breakfast: $9

  • Lunch: $10

  • Dinner: $11

  • Specialty Dinner: $13

  • Banquet Dinner: $20 per person - Oakridge Staff will wait on you at a table in this fancy dinner option!


Your Own Meals

Some groups prefer to be in charge of their own meals using Oakridge facilities. There are three kitchens that can be used by groups to cook their own meals. Click below to visit the our galleries.




Oakridge Camp has two separate menus for our guests to choose from if they're having Oakridge handle food service. During the summer, we use a set menu as part of a Summer Food Service Program. Throughout the year, there is a bit more flexibility in our menu options.

It is our preference that any youth or children's groups choose their meal options from the Summer/Youth & Kids Menu below. 


Snack shack

Our snack shack is available - just let us know when to have it open! Depending on the season, snow cones, hot chocolate, fried foods, soda, candy, chips and ice cream may be available.

Guests can bring their own money to purchase concessions or group leaders can work in credit for each of their guests.