Host Your Own Group at Oakridge

Your event, our facilities: it's a winning combination. Oakridge proudly serves all sorts of groups, and we do so in many capacities. Some groups simply need lodging, and we've got that covered. Other groups would like food service and a worship band. We can cover that, too. Whatever your needs, Oakridge will joyfully serve you!

Call our staff at 405-247-5433 or contact us through email so we can create a package that best suits you. 

These are the types of questions we will work through: How many people will attend your event? What sort of lodging situation do you prefer (dorms or private rooms)? Will you be doing your own meals or would you like Oakridge service? What sorts of activities do you desire? What's your budget?

You can also check out our Event Contract in the Rates page to get an idea of pricing!

Please note: it will be simplest to download the event contract to your computer to fill it out; do not fill it out in your browser.

Overnight Stay or Day Outing?

If you plan on spending the night at Oakridge, you'll need information about things like lodging and food service. But maybe your group isn't planning on sleeping over. In that case, you'll want all of the details about Day Outings.

Click here to visit our Day Outing page for the full scoop!