"On Behalf of our Church, I'd like to Thank You..."

Brian & Oakridge Staff,

On behalf of our church, I'd like to thank you and commend you for the wonderful time we experienced at Oakridge Camp. One of our youth accepted Christ as her Savior, and five others were assured of their salvation. The worship services and preaching are very inspiring. I greatly appreciate the idea of centering the entire spiritual experience around a single book of the Bible. During our free time, we met as a group and read Philippians together, and it was such a joy to see kids excitedly participating in answering questions from their study sheets.

The activities were a blast, and I have absolutely no complaints about anything except the heat (and even that didn't dampen the enthusiasm!). We had absolutely no one attempt to use the weather as an excuse for not participating. The track of activities pushed our youth out of their comfortable boxes and forced them to stretch their confidence. Progress was viewed in the lives of those who one day were in absolute panic as they rappelled the 80-foot cliff and the next day conquered the high-ropes challenge course without hesitation. One of our "sassiest" kids exhibited an attitude of respect and maturity during camp that we had not seen before, and so far that attitude has continued at home.

The question asked by everyone (as early as the second day of camp!) was, "Are we coming back here next year?" My response was, "Yes, and we'll do the children's camp also!" May God bless the ministry of Oakridge!

-Pastor David