New Parent Shares Summer Camp Experience

We got this amazing letter of encouragement from a wonderful first-time camp parent. Thank you to all of our supporters, staff and volunteers who make camp experiences like this possible!

I was nervous to send my 8-year old foster daughter to a sleep-away camp, but our drives by Oakridge on our way to visit family had her unstoppably excited to attend their 3-day youth camp.  Any fears quickly disappeared the minute we visited the camp grounds.  Jaime was so friendly and inviting, and we were welcomed with genuine enthusiasm by her and other staff members.  We took a tour of the dorms, activity areas and other facilities, and found everything to be ideal – from the picturesque trees lining the property to what has to be the best dorm mattresses offered by any camp anywhere! 

On the first day of camp, we were again welcomed by Jaime and other staff who, after only two meetings, seemed like old friends.  They were quick to put to rest any nervous feelings, and I was dismissed by my 8-year old in record time as she anxiously joined her bunk mates and started her adventure.  I drove away knowing she was in good hands, but have to admit how much I started missing her on the second day.  As if Jaime could read my mind, she sent a picture of the kids dressed up for theme night, reassuring me that my daughter was having a great time and making wonderful memories.

When I picked my daughter up on the third day, her spirit seemed renewed.  She’s gone through more than any kid should in her 8 short years, and being from a small community, I think she’s often treated with a preconceived sympathy for things she’s been through.  But at Oakridge, she was just a kid, and that was the biggest blessing, to just be welcomed like family, taken care of and treated the same as everyone else.  She was more bubbly and child-like than I’d ever seen her, and could not stop recounting the many exciting, wonderful experiences she’d had at camp.

Later that evening, she was tearful about not being at camp anymore, and continues to wear her green camp bracelet as a reminder of the great time she had at Oakridge.  Days later, she still excitedly tells me new details about her experience and her shower time is consistently spent belting out songs she learned in the chapel services.  It was such a blessing for her to be able to attend Oakridge, and for me to get to experience the change in her from her time there.  She will definitely be a return camper next year, and I give Oakridge the highest recommendation for providing a unique, exciting, Christ-centered camp experience to all kids that attend.

To God be the glory! Thank you, parents, for allowing your children to attend camp at Oakridge. It is our privilege to spend time with them. Click here to register.