2019 Memorization Scholarship

Each summer we are pleased to offer a scholarship for campers and counselors who memorize a large portion of the book or topic we are studying

This summer our theme is THE LIFE OF MOSES. We will be focusing on how God called Moses out in so many ways to lead and obey His commands.


The memorization passages for this year are below:


Exodus 20:1-21 - $50 camp credit


Exodus 20:1-21 as well as Deuteronomy 6 - $100 camp credit


We hope this opportunity blesses campers who invest their time in memorizing God’s word. The BIGGEST blessing is having God’s word in our hearts!


Rules:  Passages can be quoted to an Oakridge staff member in person (no later than the first day of camp) or over Skype, and must be all in one setting.  Must be able to quote the chapter with only three prompts or errors.  If you try once and have trouble, you can try one more time later that day. Translation options to receive the scholarship include KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, ASV.


Our year-round staff will be memorizing these passages too! As you memorize, remember to keep reviewing what you have previously learned so it will be easier to quote as a whole!