From a Men's Retreat

What you do matters! Thank you for playing a part in this amazing environment that has allowed God to work in the lives of so many men! -Josh

Oakridge, you have no idea the thousands of people's lives that will be forever changed because of your passion and love. The area you provide gives a place for God to gather a large community together. Also, the food is awesome. Thank you so much! -Adam

Staff of Oakridge, you guys and gals are a true testament of what the power of a family who follows God's heart can do. You are truly a blessing. -Bryan

Thank you so much for all of the blessing you have given us through your service! So many men have heard from God for the first time and your hands helped to make that happen! -Rob

Thank you so much for the amazing good! I appreciate you sacrificing your time to serve us. It means a lot. When I think of all the things y'all are doing for the Lord to serve it inspires me to do the same. You never know the impact you are having. Someone is always watching. Thanks for being a huge blessing. -Ryan

Your team has been absolutely incredible! Your service you've provided to us has been something I never expected coming to a camp. The hospitality you've graced us with, and also providing unbelievable food has been out of this world. Thank you so much for all you've done. -Sean

Thank you for showing up, feeding us, and smiling as I walk through the line and turn in my trash! There are many other things you could be doing, but you chose to serve men like me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you all! -Charles

Thank you for opening the camp to be a fireplace for God's spirit to move and work. You have loved and served us well! -Frank

Thank you Oakridge for an amazing event. From the amazing staff down to the accommodations, everything was perfect. So thank you and may God bless this camp for many years. -Bobby

Oakridge Culinary Staff, thank you for all that you do for the [men's retreat] weekend attendees. You gals and guys rock! -Gerry

Thank you so very much for all that you did to make our camp feel welcomed and of course all the fantastic food, too! May God bless Oakridge! -Alan

Thank you! I appreciate y'all serving us with an abundance of awesomeness, and serving us so greatly. God bless y'all. -Jeff

Thank you so much for all you do. This place is truly blessed and has the heart of a servant to God. The Oakridge family has a special place in God's heart. -Steve

You have blessed us with your food and the camp you have allowed us to take part in. Thank you for your words, your hearts, and your passion for what you do. I pray that it continues to bless others. -Chris

Beth and Staff, may God bless you all for your service to us during camp. You all minister to us in a very special way. Thanks for the wonderful food and love. -Jim

By far the best camp food I've ever had. Thanks for putting up with us grumpy old men! -Bob

Kitchen Staff, thank you so much for the amazing food and service this camp. You all died an amazing job. Thank you again and God bless! In Christ, David

Thank you for the amazing food and life-changing experience! -Mike

Thank you for taking care of us this weekend. God has blessed you with a servant's heart. It was great to see it in action! -Wes

To the Staff of Oakridge, I want to thank you for all of your hard work and hospitality. It truly was a pleasure each and every meal to come into the dining facility. The joy and happiness with which you serve each meal spills over to everyone being served. I will pray that you be blessed and that others will be touched in the way that I have by your positive attitude. -Stuart

Words cannot express my gratitude for how well you take care of us every year. I can't express how much I appreciate each of your servant hearts and what you add to this event for us. Then there's the food. I have no idea how you prepare the magnitude of food that you prepare for us and make it taste so amazing. It is absolutely incredible! I mean really, how many camps serve seat salt and caramel brownies? Or the best tres leche cake ever constructed! Y'all are so special and incredible at what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving us. -Ryan

To me, it's not THAT you serve, it's HOW you serve. The true joy that you have in serving doesn't go unnoticed. You play a huge role in hundreds of husbands and fathers taking back their position as a spiritual leader in their family. I am forever grateful for you and love each of you in Christ. -Brandon

Thank you for the time you take out of your schedule to serve. May God bless you with the desires He has put in your heart to strengthen you and complete his purpose that He has put on your heart. -Joe

You are taken for granted. Thanks for the grub, for all your work behind the scenes...thanks for support on the afternoon activities. -Henry

Customer service that is kind, longsuffering, patient, selfless, and that smiles at every person is genuinely hard to find! You all have just been incredible! You portrayed Christ well. Thank you! -Joey

Oakridge family, words cannot express how much you have made a true impact with me and the men. One of the areas I serve at my church is in the area of hospitality. We always say that you want to create a comfortable environment so that those who enter can hear and see God's word. You hear at Oakridge have created that environment! Thank you so much for opening up your hearts in servanthood. May God bless you richly! -Ken

Thank you for creating an environment that can break down walls and allow God to move. Thank you for the great food and wonderful smile. Maybe God continue to use you. -Bill

"Thank you" is not enough to express the gratitude I have for the hospitality shown to me this weekend. May God's abundant grace and glory follow you all the days of your life. -Sheldon

Thank you so much for serving us this week. Everything was great. You guys always were smiling and made it so nice to come to eat. You guys truly have a servant's heart. -Hutch

Ladies and gentlemen of the staff, I wanted to tell you thank you. You all put so much heart and dedication into all aspects of this camp. Without your efforts many men would go through this world lost and lonely. I also had to say that the food and the music was fantastic. -James

What a blessing to experience the genuine love for Christ in the family and staff running Oakridge camp. Equally impressive were the wonderful meals your prepared everyday. Thank you for your hospitality. Blessings to your ministry. -Ryan

Thank you so much! I've been here about every 6 months for a few years now and this place is a bright light in a dark world. -Damon