From Campers at an Oakridge Kids Camp

Dear Oakridge Staff, I had such a fun time this week! This week was my favorite week and this is my 3rd year! I love this week soooo much because I made so many new friends and some very special things happened in my heart. I love all you guys and thanks again for everything! -Aicha

Thank you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day! And thank you for preparing stuff for us and for chapel, dining hall, snack shack, and gift shop! Thank you bunches! -Hayley

Thank you for everything. I hope I can come again! -Vanessa

Thank you so much for this LIFE CHANGING week at camp! All of y'all are AMAZING!!! I'll miss my Oakridge family so much! I'll be back soon! -Victoria

Dear Staff, thank you so much for making our week so great! I am happy that I had fun and having a nice place to sleep! You guys are fantastic! Thank you! -Emily

Thank you for all of the special things that you planned this week for all of us. I hope to see you very very very soon. XOXOXO -Kylee